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Discount Coupon

Perret's Discount Coupons...

Do you have a Discount Coupon Code? We don't know. Maybe you do...Maybe you don't..

How do you get a Discount Coupon Code? There are a few ways.

The simplest way is to sign up for our newsletter. After you sign up, we will send out periodic notices of new products, specials, and promotions. Usually we will include a Discount Coupon Code as part of these Newsletters.

Another way is if you are part of an organization or company that has negotiated a discount with us for your group. These are usually scout troops, police and fire departments, emergency medical units, military units, factories, etc.

If this is the case you will have to get the special code from them.

If you think your organization might qualify for something like this-please have your people contact our people. Maybe we can make it happen!

Or maybe we sent you one just because we like your name! We doubt it, but you never know! :-)

Anyway, if you have a code plug it in and get shopping!

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